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Raffmetal, a Silmar Group company, is a leading international company and Europe's largest and most dynamic producer of aluminium alloys for remelting, produced using recovered materials such as aluminium scrap.

Back in 1979, Silvestro Niboli had already seen the potential of this extraordinary metal, taking the brave decision to begin production of aluminium alloy in his home country. Over the years, its use has increased significantly, across numerous sectors including the building, white-goods, lighting and automotive industries. Indeed, thirty years later car manufacturers find aluminium as the ideal metal with which to lighten their products, thus adhering to EU directives for reducing emissions while, at the same time, maintaining the properties required on a functional level that, in many cases, are boosted.

Silvestro Niboli's futuristic ideas were not limited to selecting product but also to the management of the entire company that, from the first day, operated with great responsibility and respect for the surrounding area, continuously investing in technologies designed to improve not only production efficiency but also environmental efficiency and safety.

Today the company, well established and known across the world, is based in Valsabbia, 40 km from Brescia. Production plants cover a total area of approximately 145,000 sq.m., of which 89,000 are covered, with latest generation plants and staff who, with great ability, passion and dedication, are committed to the continuous improvement and creation of company ideals including, first and foremost, sustainable development.

Factory n°1
Street Malpaga, 82
25070 Casto (BS)

Factory n°2
Locality Ferriera, 5
25070 Casto (BS)

Factory n°3
Street Brescia, 60
25076 Odolo (BS)

Factory n°4
Street Emilio Lorandi 8-10
25080 Nuvolera (BS)