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Continuous casting
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100 %
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Aluminium Alloys in continuous casting
01 A high-quality product.Since 1994 Raffmetal succeedes with a 100% continuous casting production. This innovative technology guarantees users a wide range of advantages compared to standard ingots.
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02100% recycling We buy different kind of scrap, from materials for the production of secondary alloys to purest scrap for low copper and zinc content alloys.

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03 Environmental sustainability Local area integration, industrial growth and environment safeguard are inseparable elements: constant commitment has allowed us to achieve UNI ISO 14001 certification for all production plants.
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The advantages of Raffmetal aluminium Our aluminium improves your business

- hard spots
A better aluminium quality translates into better quality castings, with less oxides and intermetallic compounds.

- pressing times
Better metallic performance means a significant reduction in melting times and an increased plant efficiency.

- maintenance
The use of more homogeneous aluminium allows a more efficient press performance, reducing emergency maintenances.

- machine downtime
Less oxides and impurities also favour most constant production and therefore greater productivity.