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Types of ingots and packaging
Package weight 1,000 Kg

Note: with the S2 model (STRIKO), ingots are piled up to allow the removal of two portions of the same package for loading into this type of furnace.
Each customer is important to Raffmetal. Valuing the client's uniqueness and satisfying his/her precise needs are fundamental pillars of the company philosophy. For this reason, the highly automated production process is also extremely flexible, combining continuous casting with computerised and robotic cutting and handling systems. This means that Raffmetal customers can choose from among a wide variety of packaging: almost 20 standard types!

Packaging Configuration

Packaging for 72 cm ingots
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Packaging for 62 cm ingots
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"Advantages of... the compactness and uniformity of Raffmetal packaging include:
Transportation of aluminium alloy in liquid state

Raffmetal offers its customers the chance to receive aluminium alloy in liquid state, delivered in special ladles for its transport and direct unloading into furnaces, with undisputed benefits both in terms of melting time and energy saving.