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Employment opportunities
What does it mean to work at Raffmetal
Raffmetal is part of a large group of companies, the SILMAR GROUP, that employs more than 2,600 people and has commercial relations across the globe.
It directly employs 320 members of staff and has long been committed to valuing both its human resources and the area in which it operates.

Becoming a part of the Raffmetal team means joining a modern company that is well-structured, solid and competitive and that focuses not only on economic development but also, and above all, on sustainable development.
Raffmetal: the values and the opportunities

The Raffmetal philosophy is to create that TEAM SPIRIT among the people that allows the company to reach ever higher, thanks to the active collaboration of all of its participants.

Particular attention is paid to health and safety in the workplace (link), and the commitment to respect and preserve the surrounding area, considered to be a precious resource.
Raffmetal strongly believes in training and the valuing of employees (link) as the ideal tools with which to motivate and promote talent.

By working with Raffmetal, you will have the chance, over time, to build a path of personal and professional growth. Collaborators are assigned to the areas in which they feel most suited, in order to bring out the abilities and enthusiasm of each individual.

If you see yourself in these values, you're the right person for us!

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