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Raffmetal believes that a company represents a group of people that carry out an important function within the community, satisfying its needs and desires. For this reason, Raffmetal's identity is represented by collaborators who, by working each day with passion and commitment, operate so that those who coexist alongside Raffmetal can also enjoy the development that the economic activity generates.

Raffmetal therefore bases its company policy on respect, ethics and the promotion of both the human patrimony and that of the land, investing in and executing its social role within the community with continuity and responsibility.

Health and safety in the workplace

Raffmetal is committed to ensuring the health and safety of its employees and external collaborators who operate across the three factories.

The principles that regulate strategic company decisions are based on:

- commitment and constant attention to the safety of plants,
- the reduction of work risks,
- the reduction of accidents,
- the training of staff,
- the adoption of safe operating practices that are in line with current legislation.

Raffmetal also pays great attention to the promotion of a culture of safety, with periodic training paths and meeting at all levels, designed to increase awareness, collaboration and the motivation of workers with regard to pertinent topics. In order to deal with these topics as effectively as possible, Raffmetal flanks its internal Prevention and Protection Service with a team of experienced external professionals.

The implementation of the current Safety Management System is also part of the continuous improvement process, with the achievement of the prestigious OHSAS 18001:2007 certification in February 2018 and then with the transition to the new ISO 45001:2018 standard, achieving the certification in February 2021.


Raffmetal and social development

Raffmetal fosters local development not only supporting both direct and indirect employment, but also sharing its resources, to increase social welfare.

Here are some of the main activities promoted and carried out by the company in terms of social development:

Sport is a fundamental step for a person's growth
and especially social gatherings. This is the reason why Raffmetal supports sport in its territory. Watch the video
According to the policy of sustainability
aimed at developing the area and the environment, Raffmetal bought a green area of 35 hectares now available to the public. Show the gallery
Raffmetal helps support local groups
and associations in order to enhance the surrounding territory ; the company becomes heritage of the community. Show the gallery
Raffmetal supports actively and continuously schools
located in the area through the provision of equipment and teaching materials. Show the gallery
Learning is a way of understanding life
and at the same time to live , which is why in 2014 6 internships within the company were activated. Regular contributions to associations and groups of local volunteers . Show the gallery
Many other initiatives aimed at promoting sport, culture and the local area are in development. Raffmetal is currently involved in the creation of a new synthetic football pitch in Famea di Casto.