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Company policy
Message from the President

Since the time of our company’s founding, our father, Silvestro, has always believed in values like research, innovation, efficiency, the environment, and wellness, because, as he continues to say to this day:

“Numbers are important but it is values that count”.

Driven by these same convictions, we understand that sustainability, in all of its main components (economic, social, and environmental), represents the fundamental element for ensuring a fruitful work environment, both today and in the future.

This is why we have decided to implement a process aimed at pursuing sustainability at 360°.
It is a difficult path, but we are certain that we can handle it, thanks to our greatest asset: the people who we work with.
In fact, thanks to the passion and dedication of our collaborators, as well as our surrounding territory, today we have succeeded in becoming an industrial business that operates on an international level.
With the same enthusiasm and tenacity with which we began, we want to remain a valuable asset for our community, to serve as a reference point for future generations, and to continue to create wellness for all of our stakeholders.”

Orlando Niboli
President of Raffmetal


Company policy