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Raffmetal, Italian leader in the aluminium refner sector, gets ASI Performance Standard V3 certfcaton

December 01, 2023

Raffmetal has been awarded with ASI Performance Standard V3 certfcaton on all of its producton plants as regards aluminium alloys from recycling. The capacity of the 2 plants located in the province of Brescia is 350.000 tons/year as far as aluminium alloys from recycling are concerned, both in ingots and in the liquid state. These fgures make Raffmetal the largest and most dynamic producer in Europe.

Over the frst half of 2023, an internal workshop worked so hard to update our management system in compliance with the new performance standard ASI V3.

Nowadays, ASI is the sole voluntary initatve provided with sustainability standards for the value chain of aluminium. As a result of mult-annual reviews, the new standard V3, stcks to a strict certfcaton iter composed of 11 principles e 62 criteria as regards the ESG pillars (Environmental, Social and Governance).

The third-party audit Raffmetal underwent in July 2023 was carried out by Bureau Veritas, an Italian body authorised by the Aluminium Stewardship Initatve. 

Franco Franzoni, CEO and Technical Manager, states: "Getng this new version of ASI certfcaton makes us very proud. It witnesses that both our corporate strategy and our core business, based on recycling, contnuous energy and environmental efciency give a crucial contributon to the whole value chain of aluminium.”

To conclude, the Environment and Safety Department Manager, Ing. Michele Bortolami, quotes: “For Raffmetal, certfcatons are not a mere goal, but a process in constant evoluton, which ofers us new insights for the contnuous improvement of our management systems. This is why I would like to congratulate all the people who have contributed to reaching this important milestone and whose daily engagement is commited to creatng increasingly circular and sustainable processes.”

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